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Delivery & Returns


How can you get your order?


When can I get my Order?

You tell us! If you are in a hurry you can get an order within 30 minutes and select from some 500 products. If your order is not so urgent you can select a delivery date and time up to 14 days in advance and select from some 7,000 plus products. We deliver 7 days per week and from 10 am till midnight, depending on the hours of our local partner store.

 Can my order be left un-attended?

Yes, providing it is not a delivery for the same day that you order. Because we have such flexible delivery scheduling we can deliver when you are home. If your order is for a scheduled delivery then we can leave your order providing you tell us where it can be left in a safe and secure location.

Can I track my Order?

Absolutely. We advise you with udpates every step of the order and delivery process. When your order is dispatched from our local store you will be sent a link to your phone which will enable you to track the driver to your door.

Can someone else receive my Order?

Your order can only be delivered to the recipient's name as shown on the order or a person who is at the delivery address you have nominated. Our drivers will check photo ID upon delivery to ensure recipient is over 18.

 If the receipient looks under 25 then our driver will request photo ID.