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Ouzo is a clear anise-flavoured spirit that is widely consumed in Greece, Cyprus and Lebanon.

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Akropolis Ouzo 6Pk 750 ml

Celebrate like the Greeks do with Akropolis Ouzo, the perfect approachable Ouzo. An intense combination of delicious spices like anise, mastic and badiane are combined for a truly unique flavour which can be enjoyed neat or mixed with water.

Barbaresso Ouzo 700 ml

Made famous by the Greeks, Ouzo's intense aniseed flavour is captured perfectly in every bottle of Barbaresso Ouzo. Serve chilled on its own, or to drink it in its traditional style, mix it with a small dash of iced water.

Ouzo 12 750 ml

One of the most popular ouzos enjoyed all over the world, Ouzo No 12 has all the classic aromatic notes and aniseed flavour of an ouzo, while the double distilled process results in a smoother final product.