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Moscato's popularity is soaring among those who fancy fruity wines that range in flavour from light citrus to floral.

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Brown Brothers Moscato 750 ml

This Brown Brothers Moscato is musky and fruity. If you love sweet white wines, you can't go wrong with this Aussie favourite. It's great to drink with your favourite cheese or a platter of tropical fruits.
NOW: $14.99

Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa 750 ml

Brown Brothers are the experts when it comes to making sweet wines. Moscato Rosa is delightfully pink and has a sweet fruit palate with flavours of rosewater that gives it that little hint of Turkish Delight flavour. It's a fresh little number with a light spritz. Serve chilled.
NOW: $14.99

Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa Sparkling 200Ml

A delicate sparkling sweet Rose; with a bright pink strawberry colour, Brown Brothers Vintage Sparkling Moscato Rosa is full of bubbles, with an alluring bouquet and lovely balance. Serve it chilled and enjoy with friends.

Brown Brothers Moscato Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml

Two of Australia's favourite wine varieties come together to create Brown Brothers Moscato Sauvignon Blanc. It has all the freshness of a Sauv Blanc, paired with the sweet deliciousness of a Moscato. The result? The ultimate summer drink.
NOW: $14.99

Brown Brothers Moscato Sparkling Rosa 750 ml

Brown Brothers new Sparkling Moscato Rosa has a brink pink strawberry hue giving the wine a delightfully delicate feel. With the addition of a touch of Brown Brothers highly successful Cienna variety, this full sparkling sweet Rosé; exhibits a luscious spicy perfume and an intricate sweet palate. Balanced acidity helps keep the wine perfectly balanced and should be enjoyed chilled while in its youth.
NOW: $14.99

Jacob's Creek Sparkling Moscato Rosé 750 ml

Take the edge off with this Sparkling Moscato from Jacob's Creek. Instantly refreshing with a beautifully balanced profile of white grapes and summer fruits, this white has a touch of fizz without being too overbearing on the palate. A summer staple.

Jacob's Creek Twin Pickings Moscato Rosé 750 ml

Light, but at the same time generous, Jacob's Creek Twin Pickings Moscato has a dash of Rose; that makes this sweet red truly unique. It has nice soft fruit sweetness a slight spritz. Zesty and fresh, this could just be your favourite summer wine.

McGuigan Black Label Moscato 750 ml

This Moscato from McGuigan's Black Label collection is a real crowd pleaser. Light on the palate, this Moscato is made up of citrus fruits with plenty of lemon kick, with a subtle hint of gin and tonic for a rounded flavour profile.

Sweet Lips Infused Hibiscus Pomegranate & Lime 750 ml

Incredibly refreshing, Sweet Lips Hibiscus Pomegranate and Lime is infused with plenty of bold flavours. The fruit driven palate is given an essential kick of lime for an incredibly refreshing finish. Keep a bottle chilled for maximum enjoyment.

T'gallant Juliet Moscato 750 ml

Enjoy the sweet flavour of a quality Moscato with this beautifully balanced wine. The natural flavour of the grapes is perfectly complemented with sharp citrus notes, delivering a subtle shot of acidity for a crisp and fresh finish.

Yellowtail Moscato 750 ml

Moscato is always a favourite over summer time and the Yellow Tail Moscato doesnt disappoint with its light and refreshing taste with zingy flavours of passionfruit and melon. This versitile drop, once chilled, can be enjoyed on its own or with your favouite spicy Asian stir-fry or curry.
NOW: $13.99