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Apéritifs (Aperitivo in Italian) are alcoholic drinks that are normally served before a meal to stimulate the apetite. A Digestif is served after the meal, in theory to aid digestion.

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Amaro Averna 700 ml

A fine selection of herbs, which are combined together following the recipe of a closely guarded formula, its unique and unmistakable taste is characterized by a pleasing blend of sweet and bitter notes. Try Amaro Montenegro's Genuine Taste, straight or on the rocks.

Aperol Aperitif 700 ml

An Italian classic, Aperol Spritz is a sophisticated, light & refreshing drink.

Campari Aperitif 750 ml

An ideal aperitif, this Campari has a rich red colour and distinctive aroma. The bittersweet flavour is incredibly unique, giving any cocktail a delicious twist. Try it with sparkling water or soda, or mixed with orange or grapefruit juice over ice.

Pernod 750 ml

Originating in 1805, this premium liqueur is guaranteed to impress. Pernod is left unsweetened, letting the core flavour of aniseed shine through. Perfect served before dinner as an aperitif, or poured after dining is done as a digestive.